Social media, what’s the fuss about?

Continuing the conversation from last month, “new year, fresh start.” In January we talked about ways to laser focus your brand strategies for optimal outcomes. For February, we’re shining the spotlight on social media.

Multiple industry research sources cite over a billion people as regular Facebook users, over 700 million tapping into Twitter and over 100 million that use Instagram. With numbers like this, there’s no denying that social media has become a revolutionary tool in today’s marketing strategy to showcase and sell your products to the world of potential customers.

Of course, if you have arrived at this conclusion so have your competitors. Which means, if your posts don’t engage your ideal customer, they are moving on to someone who does.

With that said, here are five ways to make effective use of social media:

  1. Understand your customer base

  2. Create The Proper Content

  3. Have a Digital Marketing Strategy

  4. Make Engagements

  5. Give customers a ‘Call-to-Action’

If you read through this list and can’t answer each one of the points with a research-based strategy, your social  media efforts might not be converting to actual business. Our team is available for consultation or full social media management to help you build the buzz your products, services or organization deserves!