Bold Narrative

New year, fresh start. Time to laser focus your brand strategies for optimal outcomes. Whether you’re selling, producing, recruiting membership, raising awareness, selling tourism or providing a service, brand story is everything when it comes to being memorable and attractive to your target audience.

Early in the new year is a perfect time to refresh your logo and other marketing collateral. Before coming to the creative table,  take a peak at this article from the Quinlan School of Business at Loyola University, Chicago. Understanding how color affects the way brands are perceived can help guide your design  process for effectiveness and longevity.

Color isn’t the only consideration when developing your brand. Harvard Business Review published a powerful article by Margaret Molloy, global CMO strategic branding firm Siegel+Gale, outlining her argument for why simplicity can drive performance. According to Molloy, “Achieving simplicity is not easy, but the brands that harness its power stand to reap a multitude of both reputational and financial rewards.”

So, what are simple “brands” exactly? The 2017 Global Brand Index has just been released we think this video from Siegel+Gale is pretty revealing!

If you’re looking in the mirror and wondering about your own brand story, give us a call! Our team of experienced brand strategists would love to discuss.