Website Security & Myths

One of the most important questions we DON’T get asked when designing a website for a client is related to site security. As a team, we stress the importance of this over and over and over again. Yet, when it’s time to hand the new site off to the designated content manager, more often than not clients have a pretty relaxed “I’m not worried” attitude about maintaining site security. We’ve even seen content managers create a general “Admin” user account with a simplistic password for all team members to use. Not a best practice! […]

email on mobile

Email: From chaos to controlled communication

If you feel like you spend half your day processing emails instead of actually working, you aren’t alone. Dealing with virtual mountains of email is a modern challenge. Filters and folders can help with organization, but even then being constantly inundated by mail is a superhighway to overwhelm. This month, we’re address emails and how to take your daily chaos to the controlled communication platform it was designed to be. […]